Thursday, March 27, 2014

Snug Harbor Randall Memorial Church

   Many readers of this site (or group) know that Snug Harbor used to have a beautiful church standing next to the theater: the Randall Memorial Church. As the number of sailors resident declined the church fell into disuse. Unused, it also fell into disrepair. According to Wikipedia, after a plan to turn it into a community center fell through, in 1952, the building was torn down. Today, it's the crappy parking lot next to the theater.

interior images showing the apse and altar

the church was located in the bottom left of the lower picture, around where the cars are parked.

One of the things I only really thought about a few years ago was that I never really understood what Snug Harbor is supposed to look like. The location of the trees were deliberately planned and not just scattered around randomly. All the forested section along Henderson Avenue?  All just new growth following the end of farming at the Harbor.  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Franklin Avenue - Past and Present


left -   93 Franklin Avenue - 1930 - right - same site today

left - 105 Franklin Avenue - 1930  - right - today

left - 129 Franklin Avenue - 1930 - right - today

left - 161 Franklin Avenue - 1930 - left - today

Hamilton Park remains one of the most architecturally attractive neighborhoods of Staten Island. Sure, most of the grand houses are long gone, but the ones that remain are worth a look.