Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jon Lord - RIP

There are so many things about Deep Purple I love.  Jon Lord's organ playing was easily one of the most important and distinctive parts of the band's sound.  Rest in peace.

Forest Avenue

   Sorry I've been so lax here for the longest time.  I'm going to try to get back in the saddle and all that jazz and start writing/posting again.  Here's an appetizer - Forest Avenue, 1917 from Greenwood Avenue all the way west to Bement Avenue.
   It's a pretty amazing transformation over the past century.  In the east there's the south extent of Sailors' Snug Harbor.  Hart Boulevard running north from Forest served essentially as an entrance road.  Now it's lined with houses.
   The lot where the Starbucks sits at Bard and Forest (and before that, the much missed standalone Carvel Ice Cream - I like the iconic design much better than the same as everybody else storefront of present day Carvels) was the property and large home of one "H. O. Rambout".  Most noticeably, though, was the absence of much housing at all.  Most of that stretch of Forest, long a commercial hub, was tree lined and sparsely populated.  Hard to imagine - if I didn't have the picture below you might just find it impossible.

Intersection of Bard and Forest Avenues

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

   We weren't perfect then and we aren't perfect now.  Along the way from then to now a lot of blood's been shed and often in ignoble circumstances.  Nonetheless, we've done great things, overcome deep and dark flaws, and are ever moving forward bettering ourselves.  For that, thank God.  Some days I think we've still got  a long way to go, but on most I'm just grateful for the actions take over two centuries ago that officially pushed this country into existence.