Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

   We weren't perfect then and we aren't perfect now.  Along the way from then to now a lot of blood's been shed and often in ignoble circumstances.  Nonetheless, we've done great things, overcome deep and dark flaws, and are ever moving forward bettering ourselves.  For that, thank God.  Some days I think we've still got  a long way to go, but on most I'm just grateful for the actions take over two centuries ago that officially pushed this country into existence.


Croninski said...

Hello –
My name is Kevin Cronin and I am looking for any historical photos of a particular house that USED TO BE on Howard Avenue.
It was known as the “Davis Mansion” and was purchased by Wagner College & eventually demolished in 1965.
I have a grainy newspaper photo for reference. I can email it to you if that will help.

Prior to Wagner buying the property it was the home of my mother’s family for a number of years.
Her father’s name was Stuart Markham Ross.

Do you have/know of any photos or documentation of the house, its use, or demolition?
Anything would be greatly appreciated.

The Wasp said...

Just saw your post. 1) I would love that grainy photo no matter what. I'm always on the hunt for new stuff and 2) I'll see if there's anything I can find out for you.