Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Jersey Street Projects Project: Part Two - west side between Crescent and Carlyle

I've held off on the Jersey Street Project for so long (a year and a half), because, compared to Stapleton and West New Brighton, it's huge and unwieldy. It covers way more ground, making it more like Port Richmond than the other areas I've covered. So, without more jib jab, here's another round. Sadly, it's not connected directly to the last batch  - cause I still need to get more photos.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Jersey Street: Part One Northwest side between Richmond Terrace and Pauw Street

When I was a kid, Jersey Street had a reputation as a dangerous place. Much of that was overblown and attributable to racism. It wasn't the safest place on the Island, though. Once it had been a heavily trafficked commercial and residential strip, but my childhood, the projects and changing demographics had dimmed Jersey Street considerably.

Once upon a time it was a street lined by shops with apartments over head and even a synagogue. Just off it were detached houses and a church. By the early eighties, a large stretch of the old buildings were demolished and replaced with attached townhouses. Today, Jersey Street is a little better than it was in the eighties and recently a few new businesses have opened. No matter what happens, Jersey Street will never be the mighty commercial strip it once was. As usual, the removal of mixed-use building and their replacement with purely residential housing projects utterly changed the fundamentals of the area. A ton more people were packed into the area, but a great number of stores were eliminated, limiting the choices residents would have.