Saturday, June 09, 2012

Stapleton's Chinese Restaurants

   Last year I posted pictures of the Chinese restaurant that used to be up on the second floor of a building near the old Woolworth's on Water Street in Stapleton. I only went there once when I was a little kid. The places I went to as a teenager and adult were Ying Wah and Tung Bo. Now, thanks to the city's absolutely amazing gallery of tax pictures from the mid to late 80s, here they are in gloriously, grainy color.

This is the place I went to the most, first with my mom and sister (my dad hated anything that could be even vaguely label ethnic food) and later with friends.  Fairly generic as I remember but pleasant enough and nice staff.  As I older I came to appreciate their wide selection of ridiculous rum drinks in tiki head mugs.

   This seems to have been the older, more established of the two restaurants.  It was definitely a better establishment with better food.  Good memories.

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