Monday, January 07, 2008

Catching Up

So I haven't written anything on this useless blog in several months. for what it's worth, since July, I've read 28 books and gotten a job. The latter had a lot to do with making the former possible.
My job is a beautiful post at the College of Staten Island. I'm employed as a college assistant and I spend my days hooking up A-V equipment for professors and getting movies off the racks for students to watch. Much of my day is spent sitting at the front desk answering phones or just waiting for my next scheduled delivery. This gives me some time to read. Enough time that I've been able to get myself back on track to the sort of scale of reading I used to do.
The job is actually very cool. My bosses are decent and, unlike some I've had in the past, look out for the staff. My coworkers are a great assortment of students and retirees. Both are taking advantage of the job's great benefits package and comfortable working conditions.
If I'm not sounding to emotional one way or the other it's because it's just a nice job that I don't dislike going to and it gives me money, healthcare and pay. At this point I don't really want to ask for more out of a job.

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