Saturday, February 16, 2008

Prospect Gables Redux

Located only a few houses and across the street from the albatross that is the home I purchased two years ago and still can't live in, the Prospect Gables have clearly fallen down on their uppers. I feel like I remember seeing the Gables with their fanciful roof top adornments still intact but I could have taken crazy pills. You can clearly see the once painted patterns used to create the fake Tudor effect in the postcard picture. The old concrete stanchions are still visible at the bottom left of the picture. The lower story windows are bricked up today, probably a reminder of the neighborhood's less criminally averese days.

I still am puzzled by the postcard's existence but I'm thankful for it. These postcards (and the NYPL's easily accessible collection) will give me things to write about whenever I run out of my own trite ideas.


john said...

i remember the original rooftop facade being in place as a kid in the '70's. the building was on my paper route and a good place to deliver to on a cold day. i knew a lot of people in the building which at the time was a curious mix of the elderly, vw driving hippy types and poorer folks. it was past it's more elegant days for sure but even then you could tell it was a nice address some years before.

The Wasp said...

Thanx! I'm always on the lookout for some real life info on my posts.