Friday, October 24, 2008

More Writers

E.R. Eddison - The Worm Ourboros and the Zimiamvia Trilogy

A writer I know a bit about but I haven't been able to read yet. Meaning I haven't been able to wade through his pseudo-archaic dialogue as of yet. Still, he was important to writers as diverse as Lovecraft and Tolkien. It really seems the first book is the most important to the later development of Sword and Sorcery. Perhaps he's a little more trying for highbrow than pulp but his importance seems clear.

Second Coming

Andre Norton - Witch World

border="0" alt="" />This is someone I've never read anything by but her following is still huge and her output is legendary. I'm including her without much knowledge of her stuff because she was a member of Lin Carter's SAGA group back in the seventies.


Richard Kirk - Raven, Swordmistress of Chaos

Actually the award winning writer Robert Holdstock and Angus Wells switching off titles in this five book series. I got 'em but haven't read 'em. They look luridly over-the-top. I first became aware of them in the old "Giants in the Earth" feature in the old "Dragon Magazine" back in the early eighties. They'd do write ups and give you stats for various fictional characters.

Newest Stuff

Glen Cook - The Dread Empire, the Black Company, numerous other series and single books

So I've read a ton of his stuff and it's pretty amazing. It's grim, exciting and pretty well (mostly) plotted and often utterly insane. I see it as somewhere
between the D&D style epic stuff like Steve Erikson and the outright S&S stuff of someone like Robert E. Howard.

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