Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So I haven't posted all that much lately. Partly it's been because of various home and other commitments but it's mostly because I've tapped much of the easy stuff available on the web. I need to spend quality time at the SI Historical Society and the SI Museum and start going through their photo archives. I'll probably start that next week and get some of the up pretty soon thereafter.

Yesterday on my way home from Queens (with the luminous Mrs. V. driving) I found my eyes drawn to every cross topped spire and church belltower. I knew the ecclesiastical architecture of the city was tremendous and pervasive but I don't think I ever really understood how so. Sure we think of St. Patrick's Cathedral and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine but there are so many amazing and beautiful churches all over the city. They may not have the size or history of those two building but they serve as beautiful reminders of Christian endeavor. They also serve as road maps back along New York's changing demographics. In Manhattan, numerous neighborhood synagogues are now Spanish language Pentecostal churches and the same in Brooklyn holds true for many old mainline Wasp and Scandinavian churches.

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