Thursday, July 09, 2009

Staten Island....or Lovecraft Country?

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Staten Island or Arkham? You decide. Is this a run down string of buildings on Sentinel Street or just York Avenue in New Brighton?

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Some unnamed street on French Hill in Lovecraft Country, USA or Thompson Street, Stapleton?

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Is that Captain Marsh's second wife hidden on the top floor or is this just a house in West New Brighton?

Can you tell I've been rereading a lot (a lot) of Lovecraft and associated stuff lately? I've even dug out Ramsey Campbell's "Cold Print". Obsessed as I am with aged and lost Staten Island, it's Lovecraft's similar obsession that's grabbing me most strongly this time around reading the stories. So this is my little tribute to a man born on the same date as me 76 years earlier.

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