Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Delafield Avenue - just another pretty house

587 Delafield Avenue (off Broadway), August 1932

   Delafield Avenue is an interesting street.  Like West New Brighton overall it runs the gamut from beautiful to  fairly shambolic.  This house is on the stretch between Broadway and Elizabeth and that piece of Delafield has a bit of both.  There are homes in beautiful states of maintenance, a few looking to fall to bits and some that have been repaired oft seen mix of lousy brick facing and cheap siding.

   I think the house above, listed in 1932 as belonging to the Gordon family, is one of the nicer ones.  Still, I don't like the replacement of the screening on the front porch with year-round windows, even with the added porch.  The loss of contrast between the window frames and the support posts causes their inward angle to be lost to the eye and that's one of the nice touches about the house as originally built.  Also, the siding over what appears to be stucco is disappointing.  Still, it's a nice house, a nice house.

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Randy Robinson said...

Gordon's family house has been there since 1932 and it's still standing? Dang! Have you seen what it looks like inside? We've also had our ancestral house in our family for a long time now. It was first owned by my great-great-grandfather, and we still live in it to this day.

The Wasp said...

I'd have to look at the maps but the house is probably older than that. If I'm reading you right it's still owned by the same family from 1932. That seems so rare on the Island anymore. Very cool info. Thanx.

Lora Holmes said...

Wow! It doesn't look like an old house to me. :O That just proves that not all old houses are structurally weak because the strength of the house actually depends on the materials that were used, you know.