Saturday, July 20, 2013


   So Detroit's dying.  Michigan's governor filed for bankruptcy to get the city out from under its massive debt.  A judge may have thwarted that but the money to pay those debts doesn't exist.  Detroit's been a disaster for decades with no present prospects of improving.  As much as Michael Moore wants to blame big business for Detroit's death, it's way more complicated than that, involving post-war suburbanization, white flight, US deindustrialization, one-party rule and massive, massive municipal corruption.
   In the past I made a couple of posts about Detroit and three years ago the luminous Mrs. V and I took a detour through the city on our way to Glacier National Park.  There's really no way to convey the vast devastation of the place but here's a few pictures anyway.

This beautiful building, though money was explicitly raised to renovate it, was demolished in 2011


Sarah Yuster said...

this collection looks like a post apocalyptic photo doc...but then I suppose it is to so many.

senormedia said...

any idea what this building was?

The Wasp said...

I don't. It looks like it was a mixed commercial/residential building, but no, I don't know anything specific about it.