Thursday, December 15, 2016

Port Richmond Project Part 7: (Port) Richmond Avenue between Richmond Terrace and the railroad overpass

Today we'll starting moving up (Port) Richmond Avenue's west side, starting at Richmond Terrace. This post will go up to the old railroad overpass. There are a few pictures that are very dark to the point of obscurity. I've included them anyway because, well, just because. The first is of the Port Richmond Dutch Reformed Church and the other of a house that no longer exists.

The Port Richmond National Bank building is still one of the most attractive commerical edifices on the island. I suppose these palaces of capitalism were intended to reassure and awe the customers. Just walk into the old Staten Island Savings building in Stapleton to see what I mean.
Unfortunately, this building (examined in this earlier post) looks to be vacant and possibly abandoned. If Port Richmond were to ever experience a revitalization, this would be a beautiful building restored.

What can I say about the Port Richmond Reformed Church? It's one of the oldest churches and oldest congregations on Staten Island. I've never been inside, which I should rectify some day. 

 This one's gone as is the house in the background - seen, barely, below

1917 Map - the three linked buildings, 90, 91, and 92, weren't built yet. Even the bank was as big as it is today.


Dulce Amada said...

I have no idea how to contact you. If I may, I'd like to request a little information on the dead end on Richmond Terrace (where the Island Live Poultry now resides*). I've looked around before and have noticed that this part of the island has been covered very little or not at all. All I can tell you about the area is:

1. It used to be an apartment building (2 floors, 3 units). As far as I know, it's been for sale and has been sold already.
2. There used to be a taxi service across the street, and one auto shop as a well. Both of these were gone by 2000.
3. There were two buildings that were torn down between 1993~2000, I posted this somewhere online that it was turned into an empty lot, then a courtyard and then they built on it again.
4. There was an elderly lady who had many dogs that lived in a small building next to this one, it was condemned and she was removed from the place. The building is no longer there since I last went there.

I can probably look up what these businesses were called and who owned what from old photos that I have. I forgot to mention there were at least 3 different owners from 1980 up until now in what is now a deli (it has always been a deli).

The Wasp said...

Hey, I'll try to get you some answers, but it'll have to wait till next week at least. You can always contact me on the email address at the top of the site