Saturday, March 04, 2017

The Stapleton Projects Project - Part Fourteen - Warren Street to Fulton Street to Patten Street to Meadow Street

After a lengthy hiatus, welcome back to the lost buildings and homes wiped out by the construction of the Stapleton Housing Projects. Here's a large number of photos from a block that once existed along Warren Street between Hill and Gordon. Unlike many of the other blocks I've recreated, there are no stores. The only things that isn't a house is the original Holy Trinity Ukrainian Church (click HERE for its history).

Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church - the congregation moved to Vanderbilt Avenue in 1957 when the city decided to build the projects.


Joan said...

Ambitious project....where can I find the first 13 parts?

The Wasp said...

Just click on the tag "Stapleton Projects Project" at the bottom of the post. It will load up all the previous entries from most recent to oldest.