Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Basement Pictures

This is the suit of protection. Coupled with dishwashing gloves and heavy work boots I stood protected against the dirt and disease and unease caused by the nearness of bugs.

This is the dark and dank space we call the basement. It's actually an amped up crawlspace with room to stand in the front. It is dark and foreboding.

And this was the task set before me. Pump expanding insulation into all the open spaces I could find and reach. Below gives a sense of what I faced.

I'm still not done. Tomorrow I will finish the unfinished portion and revisit all that I've already done. There are bound to be spaces hidden in dark places that still need to be treated with the power of the "Big Gap Filler".

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Anonymous said...

tomorrow came and went. what if bugs go on me this very night?! no sleep til hermetically sealed home!