Friday, February 27, 2009

The Theaters of Stapleton Revisited

I posted a request for photos of the North Shore on the Stapleton section of the SILive Forums. Based on previous experiences with some of the racist invective spewed there I was less than optimistic. Fortunately, while I received no new photos or leads, I was provided with some great information. Here are the posts I received in reply to my photo request:

771.2. Richmond Theater by baystcarm, 2/22/09 15:38 ET
Re: Looking for Photos by Fletchav, 2/22/09
was right across the street from old PS 14 school yard. I watched it burn down in the late 40s. The back was the corner of Thompson/WrightSt. Down on the corner of Wright/Canal..the store was a Ralston store.The Rex looks great in that the 40s it was the cheapie place with cowboys buckrogers,serials. burned thru films. I think it was 11 cents to get in.

771.4. Memory Lane by JimEG, 2/24/09 10:14 ET
Re: Looking for Photos by Fletchav, 2/24/09
Boy, some of those old photos brought back some long forgotten memories. I went to the old PS 14 from 1945 thru '49 and I remember the old theater across the street. My dad worked there as an usher in the 1930's. I think it was a storehouse for beer kegs from the old R&H brewery before the fire. As for the other pics, I loved the churchs, especially the old Unitarian church in Snug Harbor where I was married to my first wife in 1971.

There was also a comment by the creator of SIMemories that I linked to in the very beginning of my Staten Island postings.

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