Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Clove Lake Boat House and Restaurant

So the dog days are definitely upon us. When I walk outside I feel like I've been hammered with a sack of swamp water. It's the time of the year I find most unpleasant. So, I've tracked down a pleasant pair of pictures to ease my discomfort.
I don't know the history of the building but the Parks Department's page about Clove Lakes implies its comes from the thirties. The black and white picture would seem to come from at least the thirties. The color one is obviously later and probably from the fifties or early sixties (at least to my untutored eye that's what the vivid color makes me think as well as the clothing).

I spent much of this past Memorial Day at Clove Lakes Park. I went there with my family to watch a demonstration by the USMC in helicopter assault tactics. It was pretty impressive, particularly when the downdraft from the Osprey took out much of several trees endangering the onlookers.

What impressed me more, though, that day, was the wildlife I encountered when we walked around the main lake. I only got a few, lousy, pictures, but here they are:

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