Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Mansion in West New Brighton

618 Delafield Avenue, July, 1932  

   Described as a mansion on the NYPL site, this once ornate home sits on Delafield Avenue near Clove Road.  Like so many beautiful older houses it has suffered the fate of being sided and stripped of all its unique touches.  The shutters, original columns and corbels have all been lost to time.  Still, there's hope the inside has been preserved.

Details of central roof section


Genny Stutesman said...

The modern siding and shingles have totally transformed the structure. It's sort of a loss since the details would have made the house stand out among the rest. If the interiors remained unchanged then that would have been the saving grace.

The Wasp said...

I'm always torn about seeing the insides of these houses. I imagine some are still beautiful, but I dread walking into one and seeing dull sheet rock walls covering the original wood paneling and drop ceilings and track lights.