Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tidewater Staten Island

1280 Richmond Terrace, 1931

   This simple and attractive house sits on the sharp bend in Richmond Terrace at the foot of Pelton Avenue.  The lot in the right of the picture has over the years been used as storage for bundles of wood as well as heavy equipment.  Once, though, it was a gas station, specifically a "Tydol" station.  I'd never heard of it so of course I looked it up.  Click on the link and you can learn about it too.  Then you'll have that going for you.

Same house, today

   The house, sans porch, doesn't otherwise look all that changed.  A fence has replaced the hedges, though with the increased traffic on the Terrace that would seem to be sensible.  The trees now tower over the house and the Captain's House behind it is hid from view.  


Lianna Rodriguez said...

What a wonderful blog you have here! I currently reside in the north shore(mariners harbor to be exact) and I love all the photos and history behind them! It's unfortunate that some areas of the north shore are now filled with housing projects. I'm only 24 years old and I wish I could see the north shore as it used to be! I love victorian homes especially.

The Wasp said...

Thank you for your kind comments. Mariners' Harbor, for all its sketchy blocks has many beautiful homes and parts to it to this day.

Sarah Yuster said...

I appreciate the straightforward commentary, natural voice and tenor of this blog site.

Staten Island has an incredibly rich, complex history...and the story keeps adding chapters. I think they'll all be well covered here.

The Wasp said...

Thank you, for your very nice comments.