Saturday, April 21, 2018

And Yet More North Shore Churches: Baptists

Here you go, a third round of churches. This is where things start to get a lot more confusing. Most of the older Baptist churches on the North Shore have moved from their original locations and consolidated with other congregations.

St. Phillip's  (Amer) - Bennett Street. Originally on Faber Street. St. Philip's original building was eventually used by Mar Thoma Church Staten Island and has been replaced with a new building.
Willowbrook Park (cons) - Richmond Avenue. Merged in 1960s from First and Mariner's Harbor churches
First Central Baptist (Amer) founded in 1978, uses Temple Tifireth building on Wright Street.
Fellowship Baptist (Amer) - founded in 1966, uses Mariner's Harbor Dutch Reformed Church on Richmond Terrace (show in previous post)
Mariner's Harbor - closed and merged, originally on Union Avenue. Building now used by Staten Island Seventh Day Adventist Church
First Baptist - closed and merged, originally on Hamilton Avenue. Building now used by Glorious Church of God in Christ
Park Baptist Church - defunct. Building now used by St. Mary's Orthodox Church

    old Zion Lutheran on Bennett Street                                 St. Philip's Baptist on Bennett today              

original St. Philip's Baptist building on Faber Street (c.1889)

First Baptist building on Hamilton and Westervelt (c.1898)

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