Friday, April 20, 2018

More Listings by Denomination: Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Reformed, African Methodist Episcopal, and Union American Methodist Episcopal

Thank you, everybody, who dropped by the other day and pointed out churches I left out. As that was so helpful, I'm going to put up more right now. If you see any omissions, please, tell me and I'll correct it.


Christ Church  - Franklin Avenue

St. Paul's - St. Paul's Avenue
Church of the Ascension - Kingsley Avenue
St. John's - Bay Street
St. Mary's  - Davis Avenue
All-Saints - Victory Blvd.
Italian Mission - disbanded and demolished, Jewett Avenue
Norwegian Mission - disbanded, Albion Place

Calvary Presbyterian Church
Olivet - Myrtle Avenue, originally a chapel on West Street
Calvary  - Davis Avenue
First  - disbanded, Brownell Street, now used by the Temple of Restoration

Dutch Reformed
Brighton Heights - St. Mark's Place, original building burned down
Reformed Church on Staten Island - Port Richmond Avenue
Mariner's Harbor - disbanded, now used by Fellowship Baptist

Stapleton UAME Church
African Methodist Episcopal
Shiloh AME Zion - Henderson Avenue

Union American Methodist Episcopal
Stapleton UAME - Tompkins Avenue

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