Monday, March 24, 2008

Why I Do This

The first inkling of what would become the present version of Ape Shall Not Kill Ape came about when I saw the following poster:

The utter dumbness of the ad and the cheap shade of orange reminded me of so many ads of my youth that I was compelled to get a picture of it. Then I was faced with what should I do with the picture. I've got lots of pictures tucked away in various directories on my computer that just sit their in digital silence and are eventually forgotten. WondeRoast demanded more of me than oblivion.

I remember the reds, blues and oranges of the window ads and sale signs in the five and dime stores of my youth: Woolworth, of course, but also Kresge's, W.T. Grant's, Kress', McCrory's and Lamston's. My mom would go off shopping for socks or whatever and I'd wander the toy aisles and pet section. That silly WondeRoast ad managed to rekindle some of those odds and ends of my memory and I owed it something for that little blessing.

So here's WondeRoast. It hangs in the northfacing window of La Mexicana Deli and Grocery on the corner of Broadway and Cary Avenue in the poorer section of my own neighborhood of West New Brighton. Hey, it might even be good.

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