Friday, October 09, 2009

I Really, Really Want to Go Home Now.

I'm actually embarrassed to be Swedish and American this morning. Now, don't get me too wrong, I think Obama's a sort of okay person. As a president he's been okay too, though only because he's turned out to be so utterly incompetent that the woefully awful and economy-threatening things he's talked about he can't get implemented. I say this because my libertarian tendencies are satisfied by a president who can do less and less to interfere with the daily lives of Americans.

What I don't like about Obama is his crawling on the world stage and making nothing but abject apologies for the 'crimes' and missteps of the United States. I don't like that he's supported Zelayas in Honduras. I really don't like that he blew off the Dalai Lama in order to make kissy face with the Chinese.

So now this: the Nobel Peace Prize. It's really been an absurd award since they gave it to Al Gore for fighting global warming and Jimmy Carter for hating George Bush (no, wait it was for finding "peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development").

Barak Obama may yet go down as the greatest president of all time. I'm being serious for a second. Right now he isn't. He's a man with barely enough qualifications to be president who's been in office for nine months and not really accomplished anything. I mean nothing in the most objective and nicest possible way.

Now I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. All those creepy instances of school kids singing his praises in the last few weeks or that "pledge" video are starting to make me feel like I must be wrong. Maybe he's already greater than Washington/Jefferson/Lincoln combined. Maybe he will lead us to a greater tomorrow. Maybe.

Maybe I just need to go home, curl up under the blankets, pull the pillows over my head and hide out for the next three years.

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