Sunday, November 30, 2008


So yesterday morning I woke up late after a fairly decent night's sleep. At the request of the always luminous Mrs. V I got dressed with the intention of going off and buying her coffee (we've run out) and getting the day's papers. I was unable to because I was greeted in the chill late morning sunlight by this sight -

Some person or persons unknown had put my car on rocks and removed and stolen all four tires and rims from our new Honda Fit Sport. I'm almost impressed by the stealthiness with which they conducted themselves.

I called the cops and when they arrived one of the officers exclaimed "Another?" They'd just come from the other end of our street where another Honda had been similarly denuded. It's insane.

GEICO's going to be taking care of everything (save the $500 deductible) tomorrow and I'll be slightly happier but still.....AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Katrina said...

We too are having an increase in thieves... just the other day some persons stole 3 catalytic converters from 2 vehicles, 1 a friend of mine, right out of the hospital parking garage... Glad you have Geico!