Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Theaters of the North Shore

The Paramount Theater later a concert venue then Steckman's Sporting Goods warehouse, now ?

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This is where I saw Battle for the Planet of the Apes, The Land that Time Forgot, midway and later the Ramones and Squeeze.

Here are the readily available (meaning from my work computer), at this time, pictures of some of the remaining theaters and movie palaces from the North Shore's past. When I was little (too little for my polite parents to consider bringing to the movies, unlike today where you might find infants in a slasher flick's audience) the Port Richmond theaters were still operating. One, the Ritz, which I'll get pictures up of later, had become a decent concert venue and hosted the Kinks and Jethro Tull (both very, very cool in my admittedly uncool book). By the early seventies only the Paramount and the St. George remained.

Leo's Empire on Richmond Terrace and now Farrell Lumber

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When I was judged to be of safe movie attending age the Paramount in Stapleton and the St. George in St. George were still both open as first run theaters. The Paramount struggled on through 1976 and the St. George through about the same year. I don't have their pictures yet but maybe tomorrow when I'm home with my books and scanner.

The Liberty on Beach Street - later the Park Villa and now a evangelical church

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The St. George Theater later a concert venue then a failed revival house and now a seemingly successful live theater

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Where I saw Jeremiah Johnson, several terrible Christmas shows, King Kong Escapes Godzilla vs. Megalon, Logan's Run, Rocky, and later, David Johansen. Most recently my aunt saw the frightening Mickey Rooney there (like three weeks ago).

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