Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hidden Cemetery

One of the reasons I was able to locate the place Ascension Episcopal Church once existed was because of the abandoned cemetery that still exists on Richmond Terrace by Alaska Street. It's visible in the old timey picture I put up the other day. I was also intrigued by what I assumed is the rectory on the left side of the picture.

With my trusty camera in hand I took a quick detour to get a good look at the house. While I'm still not sure of it's provenance, I did take some shots of the house. More astonishing was what I discovered about the cemetery.

I have only seen the small portion that fronts Richmond Terrace until now. When I drove up Tompkins I discovered the cemetery is large and its headstones and memorials ornate. I need to get up there with better light, again, perhaps in the leafless winter for better pictures.

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